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Rock Against the war – 10 Greatest Anti-war Songs

UK - Rock music has always been about giving the middle finger to authority. When the authorities are committing atrocities, sending young men and women to die, there isn't many better targets for bands to channel their anti-establishment rage at. Folk musicians might have been the...

Axl Rose 60… and Vasco Rossi 70 !!!!!

UK/IT Version - As William Bruce Rose Jr., the hard rock legend was born in Indiana in 1962. His mother, who was only 16 when he was born, and his stepfather raised him and his two siblings in a religious manner. But Rose’s stepfather used...

Tina Turner riceve una laurea honoris causa dall’Università di Berna

Tina Turner, ha ricevuto il dottorato honoris causa dell'Università di Berna. Stando alla laudatio, la cantante - si è affermata come donna in un settore precedentemente dominato dagli uomini e ha lasciato il segno in molte persone con la sua autenticità e il suo carisma artistico. Con...